Go back in time to the medieval times on Work Lizard. Here we showcase some of the very best the medieval age has to offer.
Travel to Colombia, Bolivia and Peru in South America with archaeologist Jago Cooper as we embark on an ancient civilization documentary series. Here we'll uncover the rich history, deep culture and archaeology of ancient South American civilizations.
Knights is a 3-part history documentary series exploring who and what medieval knights were. Join in, as we go 1000 years back in time to relive the life of a European medieval knight.
What was it like to live as a Anglo-Saxon Britain at the turn of the 1st millennium? 1000 AD recreates life circa 999 AD, showing the everyday lives, loves and passions of the Anglo-Saxon people.
Written and hosted by Terry Jones, Medieval Lives documents 8 different Medieval personalities with the intent of separating myth from reality. Each of the half-hour documentary episodes uses humor and re-enactment to illustrate how these Medieval lives might have been led.