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China`s Lost Pyramids sets out to investigate the mysterious pyramids created in ancient China. Explore the tombs with a group of archaeologists as we'll locate the remains of the most powerful people who ever lived in ancient China.
It's the most extreme race on earth: a contest with millions of competitors, only one winner and numerous obstacles thrown in for good measure. The Great Sperm Race tells the story of human conception as it's never been told before.
The Lobotomist is a biographical-styled documentary film which follows the story of Walter J. Freeman, a neurologist who fathered the lobotomy - a surgical procedure which usually ended in tragedy.
What happened after Hitler and the nazis were removed from power? After Hitler takes on the monumental history after World War Two finished, showing how violence continued and the devastation the war had brought.
Harlan County USA is a documentary film which shows the life and struggles of a group of coal miners, as they resort to a strike against the Brookside Mine of the Eastover Mining Company in Harlan County, Kentucky in June, 1973.