Mystery of Easter Island

Unravel the mysteries of Easter Island and the Rapa Nui, a part of the seafaring Polynesian people, who built the massive stone figures (moai) spread across the island.

By following a team of archaeologists who has set out to understand the reasoning for building the massive stone heads, little by little the full puzzle comes together.

It describes an old seafaring civilization who had depleted the island for resources and gradually stagnated because of it.

Many archaeologists have dug into the mysteries of Easter Island spawning a map of historical treasures of both the island and the Rapa Nui people.

From oral tradition, historians have settled on how the island was first settled by a two-canoe expedition, originating from Marae Renga (or Marae Toe Hau), and led by the chief Hotu Matu’a and his captain Tu’u ko Iho.

The island was first scouted after Haumaka dreamed of such a far-off country; Hotu deemed it a worthwhile place to flee from a neighboring chief, one to whom he had already lost three battles.

At their time of arrival, the island had one lone settler, Nga Tavake ‘a Te Rona.

After a brief stay at Anakena, the colonists settled in different parts of the island. Hotu’s heir, Tu’u ma Heke, was born on the island. Tu’u ko Iho is viewed as the leader who brought the statues and caused them to “walk”.

By focusing on the Moai stone figures in Mystery of Easter Island, archaeologists hope to understand just how the Rapa Nui created them and what they actually meant.

Mystery of Easter Island
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  • Release date2012
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  • Director(s)Andy Awes
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