What is this website about?

Worklizard creates communities around group projects. These projects are build by users and can be about anything the user chooses.

Where can I browse these projects?

You can find all group projects on our group page.

Do I need to be a user to use Worklizard?

No. You can browse and view as much as you’d like. There are however a few group projects which needs an invitation to enter.

If I make a user what do I get out of it?

Creating a user on Worklizard comes with a lot of benefits. New sections are unlocked and available to browse.

Here are some of those new tools:

  • Subscription to group projects
  • Notifications on new material
  • Tools to befriend other users
  • Customizing your own profile
  • Ability to write posts
  • Achievement system
  • Private Messaging
  • Engage and attribute to group projects
  • and much, much more

Why are some of the pages changing its design?

Group project admins are in charge of each project – each of them can change what design they’re making at a whim. Right now however, these changes are planned together with sitewide-admins.


What are achievements and how do I get them?

Achievements on Worklizard.com are gathered through badges and points. These points and badges are earned through interacting with the site in different ways.

For a full breakdown on the achievements please visit the Achievements page.