What is this website about?
Worklizard is about finding your interest points and gather jobs in these sectors.

Here’s an example: You’re interested in space and would like to know more about it. The group The Universe, for instance, focus on this subject.

Through community driven effort, the group produces discussions, aggregated media, educational material and any job matching this same interest point.

What can I do on this website?
Right now you can stay up-to-date with the current groups aggregating links for their subject.

You can create your own profile which gives a big amount of abilities, add jobs, earn achievements, create groups of your own and many more things.

The best way to know is to sign up and experience it yourself by exploring the full website.

Some of the pages look incomplete, why?
We’re in beta and constantly reworking things to accomplish a cleaner and easier interface and design. Right now we’re in an open test phase for all to join.

Why are some of the pages changing its design?
To ensure a better user interface and user experience, we sometimes change pages and post design. This can sometimes be a radical new design approach than the earlier version.

Will you always change the designs?
Most likely once Worklizard version 1 is done, when that is we’re not sure. From here on only minor changes will occur.

Can I help testing?
Definitely! Sign up and engage the community. Find your interests in the groups and share your thoughts, links and ideas.


What are achievements and how do I get them?
Achievements on Worklizard.com are gathered through badges and points. These points and badges are earned through interacting with the site in different ways.

For a full breakdown on the achievements please visit the Achievements page.