Worklizard is an online platform designed to help job-seekers and employers all over the world to find each other, work together and create excellent business-relationships.

The inspiration roots from the increasing number of unemployed people and the piling up of job vacancies as a result of human resource mismatching and the lack of proper job market to showcase both talents and needs for it.

At Worklizard, we believe in the increasing popularity of labour outsourcing and the intercultural business opportunities. We believe in the future of multicultural diversity.

We are opening our doors to all workers with great talents to showcase their capabilities, enhance their knowledge by connecting with others with the same interests, boost their social network and professional circle, and find jobs that suit their competency.

In the same way, we encourage employers to break out of their traditional ways by hiring great workers without constraints or limit on color, ethnicity, level of education and work experience, and physical appearance and age while still getting the best of their investments.

We believe that anyone can be big with the right opportunity to thrive and succeed. This is why we are aggregating a huge selection of both white and blue collar jobs to cater to all types of workers and employment opportunities.

As a thought experiment, we've remodeled parts of Worklizard to fit nieche jobs of different merits. These are marked as interest-points (groups) and serve as community guidance towards finding work and/or inspiration in these sectors.