Journey back in time and explore our world’s history. Visit ancient civilizations and discover the scientific clues left behind. From the stone age to the modern age, History on Work Lizard explores every part of humanities history.
China`s Lost Pyramids sets out to investigate the mysterious pyramids created in ancient China. Explore the tombs with a group of archaeologists as we'll locate the remains of the most powerful people who ever lived in ancient China.
The Lobotomist is a biographical-styled documentary film which follows the story of Walter J. Freeman, a neurologist who fathered the lobotomy - a surgical procedure which usually ended in tragedy.
What happened after Hitler and the nazis were removed from power? After Hitler takes on the monumental history after World War Two finished, showing how violence continued and the devastation the war had brought.
Travel to Colombia, Bolivia and Peru in South America with archaeologist Jago Cooper as we embark on an ancient civilization documentary series. Here we'll uncover the rich history, deep culture and archaeology of ancient South American civilizations.