Richard III: The Princes in the Tower

Richard III: The Princes in the Tower takes a look at the disappearances of two young princes, Edward and Richard, upon the ascension to the throne of their uncle, King Richard III in 1483 medieval England.

Being the only sons of Edward IV (king of England from 1461-1483), they naturally opposed their uncle Richard III to the throne.

But for unknown reasons the two sons were declared illegitimate, an unclear event in history.

Their ‘disappearance’ is generally assumed to be by murder; a common hypothesis is that they were killed by Richard in an attempt to secure his hold on the throne. Their deaths may have occurred some time in 1483, but apart from their disappearance, the only evidence is circumstantial.

In 1674, workmen at the tower dug up a wooden box containing two small human skeletons. The bones were widely accepted at the time as those of the princes, but this has not been proven and is far from certain.

Did Richard III really kill his nephews? Dig into the medieval crime mystery as we investigate the history.

Richard III: The Princes in the Tower
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  • Release date2015
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  • Director(s)Ashley Gething