Guge: The Lost Kingdom of Tibet

In Guge: The Lost Kingdom of Tibet, we’ll follow a Tibetan historian and an American archaeologist unraveling the history of the Guge kingdom.

When it was first listed as one of China’s National Cultural Heritage sites in 1961, no expert on the State Council panel who drew up the list had ever visited Guge. Almost fifty years later, it has proven to be a foresighted decision.

At its peak it was one of the most powerful and influential Buddhist Kingdoms that existed, with the Kings actively supporting Buddhism and inviting in specialists. Yet today, Guge is hardly recognised by most.

What happened to Guge to make them almost vanish to the paint strokes of time? And what remains of their lost civilization?

With the help of archaeological findings, passed down Tibetan community stories and clues throughout history, we’ll slowly gain access to the lost civilization and join together the pieces to understand the history of Guge.

Guge: The Lost Kingdom of Tibet
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  • Release date2006
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Patrick Fleming