History Makers: Richard The Lionheart

History Makers: Richard The Lionheart is a 1997 documentary episode diving into the life and history of Richard The Lionheart, an English King from the 12th. century.

Richard was famous for his tireless wars against middle eastern muslim states during the crusades. But what else was there to him?

When Richard the Lionhearted became king, he spent all but six months of his 10 year reign outside of England, leaving the job of running his kingdom to his ministers.

The Crusades, and the ransom for his capture during them, as well as Richard’s war with Phillip II of France, greatly depleted England’s resources and caused much dissatisfaction.

Yet, although some tales of Richard depicts him as a benevolent ruler (shown through stories such as the Robin Hood legend), history tells a very different tale of who Richard I, king of England, was.

To illustrate Richard’s life in an easy overview, the film seeks to re-create medieval history and re-enact his life. Furthermore, we’ll take a look at eye-witness accounts and historians giving their input.

History Makers: Richard The Lionheart
  • Info
  • Release date1994
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Bob Carruthers
  • Part of the seriesThe History Makers
  • Production companyCromwell Films