China’s Forgotten Emperor: Wu Zetian

Said to have been the most powerful female emperor in all of history, Wu Zetian’s life is fleshed out as history comes alive in China’s Forgotten Emperor: Wu Zetian.

Coronated and officially ruling China from the year 690 to her death in 705 during the later Tang Dynasty, Wu Zetian came from lowly beginnings as a royal concubine.

By being a shrewd political force and calculative charmer, ultimately she would make her way up in the power hierarchy to finally becoming the empress regnant of all of China.

In all of China’s history, Wu Zetian as been the only female empress. A feat which hasn’t gone unnoticed throughout history.

But how did she take the reigns of power and how did she hold onto them for so many years?

Explore the Chinese history and Wu Zetian, female empress of China, as we delve into China’s Forgotten Emperors.

China’s Forgotten Emperor: Wu Zetian
  • Info
  • Release date2016
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Stephen Finnigan