This page serves as a central hub for all crime related material on Work Lizard. Each post explores a different aspect of crime, be it that of crime investigations, murder mysteries or the psychology behind serial-killers.
Filmmaker Werner Herzog has conversations with two death row inmates about the crime they committed and why they did it. The crime documentary serves as an examination of why people - and the state - kill.
A family mysteriously vanishes without a trace bewildering both friends and co-workers. As police detectives investigate, they realise the entire family of four was murdered and dumped at sea in a plot to steal their family business.
This documentary tells the tale of Henri Désiré Landru, a twisted French serial killer. He was a seemingly respectable man in France who singled women out with the sole aim of murdering them. What is his motive and what is his story? Join in as we investigate The Bluebeard Case.