Through a Blue Lens

Through a Blue Lens follows Constable Al Arsenault, and six other policemen, as they document the drug addicts on the streets of Vancouver, Canada.

Being an honest account of life on the streets in urban Canada, the film portrays the sad realities of drug abuse.

As the documentary progresses, we’ll see how the group of officers developed a unique relationship with addicts in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

To illustrate how things came to pass for those on the street, the drug addicts give an honest and powerful message of caution to others about the dangers of drug abuse.

Originally aimed at educating high school kids on the dangers of addiction to hard drugs, the film eventually became a lot more.

Focusing on the link between the police officers and those less fortunate, a compassionate look is forged which shares the lives and faces of those who took the wrong choices.

Through a Blue Lens
  • Info
  • Release date2003
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Veronica Alice Mannix
  • Production companyNational Film Board of Canada