Anatomy of a Bribe

A deep dive into an underworld of corruption

Al Jazeera travels to Namibia to uncover a massive network of corrupt officials. Here, corrupt politicians take cash in exchange for political favours.

What the investigatory journalism team finds, are traces of foreign companies plundering Africa’s natural resources without remorse.

Spending three months undercover posing as foreign investors, Al Jazeera journalists look to see how deep the corruption is.

Along the way they expose the government ministers and public officials willing to sell off Namibia’s assets in return for millions of dollars in bribes.

Some of these ‘quid pro quo’ meetings are filmed undercover by the journalists, showing how easy it is to attains political favours.

Anatomy of a Bribe also takes the testimony from a whistleblower who worked for Iceland’s largest fishing company.

He reveals that his employers instructed him to bribe ministers and even the president in return for fishing rights worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

After this documentary aired, Al Jazeera proclaimed the Namibian fish company CEO ‘stepped aside’.

Anatomy of a Bribe
  • Info
  • Release date2019
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Phil Rees, David Harrison
  • Part of the seriesAl Jazeera Investigations
  • Production companyAl Jazeera