Get to know Africa. Review its timeline while going through the continent’s history and nature. Browse the many african cultures, societies, countries and significant developments evolving from Africa.
Sierra Leone was declared Ebola-free two years ago, but survivors are still suffering. After recovery, they are ostracised and rejected by whole communities and even their own families, who fear that they still carry the deadly infection.
Filmed in 1993, The Tides of Kirawira explores the animal life in the Grumeti river in Kirawira, Serengeti Tanzania. It shows how the river plays a direct part in the Tanzanian animal kingdom's way of behaviour throughout the each natural season.
Created in 1995 by Greg Grainger, Wildest Africa sets out to explore the wildlife and nature of the Africa. Experience a bit older, slower paced, nature documentary focused on the African animal kingdom and the eternal struggle to survive.
Ruled by poverty, political unrest and corruption, Togo: Tough to Survive sets out to explore societal life in Togo. Poverty dictates every day, and besides working themselves to near death - parents are forced to let their children work on manual labor to afford enough food on the table.