The CBS Murders

The CBS Murders is an investigatory crime documentary detailing a horrific mass murder case in New York, 1982.

On the eve on a cold December night, three men walk into an active kidnapping. As they gather around the kidnapper asking questions and wanting to help, the kidnapper turns to murder.

He fires his gun and kills all three men, but is spotted by another witness while doing to. The witness succeeds in getting away and manages to call the police.

From here onwards, a wild hunt for the murderer commences. A hunt where the New York police teams up with the FBI to find out who the killer is and what he is after.

As the investigations unfold, the crime department unravels how a man named Donald Nash and Irwin Margoiles is at the heart of it.

Donald was hired by fraudster Irwin Margolies to murder two of his former employees.

Irwin had commited fraud for millions of dollars and was afraid his former comptroller, a woman named Margaret Barbera, was going to testify against him along with her chinese co-worker and lover, Jenny Soo Chin.

With a price tag of 8.000 US dollars, Donald Nash went ahead with the job to kill both Margaret Barbera and Jenny Soo Chin.

The CBS Murders
  • Info
  • Release date2002
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Greg Francis
  • Part of the seriesTrue Crime