Ancient History

Find out more about ancient history, a time-period which spans 5000 years of human history. This page covers all of Ancient History between 4,000 BC to around 500 AD.
China`s Lost Pyramids sets out to investigate the mysterious pyramids created in ancient China. Explore the tombs with a group of archaeologists as we'll locate the remains of the most powerful people who ever lived in ancient China.
Egypt Uncovered is a 5-part documentary series examining ancient Egypt. Where did this great ancient civilization's wealth come from and how did Egypt become one of the greatest empires the world had ever seen?
One of the most iconic personalities in history, Alexander the Great was also one of its greatest commanders, who expanded his father's realm from Macedonia to Egypt and India. This miniseries explores the legacy of Alexander the Great.
Narrated by Academy Award Winner Jeremy Irons, this two hour documentary brings the fascinating history of the ancient Hittites empire to life through expert interviews, stunning cinematography and visual effects.
What are the oldest mummies in the world? Ancient Egypt was considered to be the origin of the practice of mummification. In Chile, however, spectacular graves containing mummies a thousand years older than those of the Egyptians, are being unearthed.