The Secret History of Writing

Writing, perhaps one of the most important inventions humanity ever made – but how was it created and where did it originate from?

Throughout the three episodes of The Secret History of Writing we’ll explore the dynamics of writing and the history created from it. From Ancient Egypt’s hieroglyphs to modern day emojis, travel through history to explore the technology of writing and how it has sculptured the world we live in.

The earliest known archaeological findings on writing are dated back to around 5000 years ago. These old recordings opens up ancient worlds, a feat which marks civilizations and long gone societies. Throughout time, ancient words like these have marked innovation, ideas and way of living. These were characteristics which could be built on, recorded and improved upon.

And so it was written. Built on the foundation of our ancestors ideas and words, every innovation of the modern world has somehow derived from the past. History tells this tale from millions of signs, symbols or letters.

Uncover writing and its history, as we dig into this very important tool. With it we can easily transports data over millennia or great distances directly to our minds.

Almost every alphabet in use today, from Arabic to the Latin alphabet, can trace its origins the Semitic proto-alphabet. Our letters look nothing like it, but in fact in almost every word we write lie hidden in the ghosts of these ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. From these ancient hieroglyphs to our modern day alphabets, how has history molded writing since then? And how has each culture shaped it?

Unlock each of these questions, and more, as The Secret History of Writing unfolds.

The Secret History of Writing
  • Info
  • Release date2020
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)David Sington
  • Production companyDox Productions