The Lost City of Zimbabwe

Venture back into ancient history as presenter John Rhys-Davies uncovers the archaeology of Great Zimbabwe, ruins in South Africa dated to c. 1100 CE – c. 1550 CE.

Initially when the ruins of Great Zimbabwe was discovered by European explorers, the notion of a great and ancient black civilization was dismissed.

To the white explorers and archaeologists at the time, the Zimbabwean ruins must have been built by a grand civilization from another part of the globe.

Through ignorance and prejudice, these racist explorers would continue to hunt for an external civilization who might have built the ruins, failing to recognize the correct answer right infront of them.

Furthermore, these explorers with an incorrect mindset sadly damaged and stole priceless Great Zimbabwean artifacts and historical treasures.

It wasn’t until late 20th century the Great Zimbabwe finally reclaimed its unique African heritage.

But can archeologists undo the years of preceding damage?

Perhaps the real mystery connected with this site is why society and archeologists took so long to recognise the Great Zimbabwe for what it is: South Africa’s first city.

The Lost City of Zimbabwe
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  • Release date1993
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  • Director(s)Bertrand Morin
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  • Production companyArkios Productions