The Kings and Queens of England

Chronicling a thousand years of English Monarchy

Kings and Queens of England is a six-part history documentary series chronicling one-thousand years of English monarchy.

Starting from year 1066, host and presenter Alan Ereira shows us each monarch history (and the times they lived through) until the living English monarch of today.

To get a good grasp on this English monarchy and its history, Kings and Queens of England explains and explores the very long list of royal history methodically and brilliantly.

The six episodes detail the kings and queens of England from the Normans to Magna Carta in 1066-1216, the Middle Age kings throughout 1216-1485, The Tudors dynasty in 1485-1603, the reign of The Stuarts in 1603-1714, The Hanoverians in 1714-1837 and the modern monarchy from 1837 to the present.

Episode 1: Normans to Magna Carta

Episode 1: The Normans

This first episode centers around the years 1066-1216, primarily studying the Normans along with covering the historical landmarks surrounding this age.

Amongst these landmarks are: The Battle of Hastings, the creation of the Exchequer, Thomas Becket’s murder, the Crusades and the signing of the Magna Carta.

Episode 2: The Middle Ages

Episode 2: The Middle Ages

The second episode explores the Middle Ages of English monarchy in the years 1216-1485.

More concisely; the episode 2 covers the time from the Magna Carta through to Henry VI, it studies the 100 Years War, the Peasant’s Revolt and the Battle of Agincourt.

Episode 3: The Tudors

Episode 3: The Tudors

Episode three continues Kings and Queens of England in the years 1485-1603. Here the powerful hand of the Tudors ruled England.

Episode 3 begins with the end of the Wars of the Roses and delves into the English golden age at the reign of Elizabeth I.

Episode 4: The Stuarts

Episode 4: The Stuarts

Episode four examines the Stuarts during the years of 1603-1714.

It was an era of a hugely expanding court, devastating plague, ravaging city fires in London, new radical politics, fierce religious debates and a bloody civil war in the mid-seventeenth century between Cavaliers and Roundheads.

Episode 5: The Hanoverians

Episode 5: The Hanoverians

Kings and Queens of England continues in episode 5 with the Hanoverians, also more commonly referred to as the Georgian era, in the years of 1714-1837.

The era is usually called the ‘Georgian era’ due to every king during this time was named after the Hanoverian kings: George I, George II, George III and George IV.

During episode 5 we’ll get to see how lust, tempestuous relationships and madness laid the foundation for the colourful reigns of the Georgians.

George I brought two mistresses over from Germany, George II quarrelled openly with his son Frederick, and George III became ruler of the British Empire – but madness eventually disabled him.

Episode 6: Modern Monarchy

Episode 6: The Moderns

The final and sixth episode of Kings and Queens of England explores from 1837 to our present.

In this episode, Alan shows us how the modern royal family of Saxe-Coburg and Windsor, whose direct lineage stretches back to Queen Victoria and continues up to Elizabeth II, has changed with time and gradually loses their hold of governmental rule to rather serve as a symbol of power.

The Kings and Queens of England
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  • Release date2004
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