From the stone age to the modern age, the history section on Work Lizard explores every part of human history.
Egypt Uncovered is a 5-part documentary series examining ancient Egypt. Where did this great ancient civilization's wealth come from and how did Egypt become one of the greatest empires the world had ever seen?
The Silk Road is an epic 12-part documentary series from 1980 telling the story of the rise and fall of ancient civilizations. The documentary production team devoted 17 years to the planning, shooting and production of The Silk Road, which unearthed trade routes linking long-lost civilizations of East and West.
One of the most iconic personalities in history, Alexander the Great was also one of its greatest commanders, who expanded his father's realm from Macedonia to Egypt and India. This miniseries explores the legacy of Alexander the Great.
How powerful can the fear of evil be? This documentary takes a look at a trial set in 1612 where the fear of witchcraft let to devastating result - that of an entire family sentenced to death due to one small child.