The Wild West

Join in as the BBC brings the Wild West back to life in a three-part documentary series, viewing its history through new research, historical anecdotes and technology.

The Wild West timeline spans between 1865 – 1895, a period of thirty years, mainly situated in the country of U.S.A.

This period was famous for cowboys, native Indians, the lawmen, gunslingers, the pioneers, the prospectors, the gamblers, the scouts, the outlaws, the gangs and its many gunfighters.

Episode 1: Custer’s Last Stand

Episode 1: Custer's Last Stand

Episode 1 studies the famous Last Stand of Custer. In June 1876, 366 men of Custer’s men attacked a Sioux Indian village of 2,000 braves.

Two thirds of the soldiers were killed but the latest historical research shows that, against all the odds, Custer was close to pulling off a remarkable victory.

Episode 2: Billy The Kid

Episode 2: Billy The Kid

The Wild West continues in Episode 2 where its all about famed outlaw and gunslinger, William Bonney.

Nicknamed Billy the Kid, the outlaw died at an early age of 21 – yet his life was said to be riddled with impactful events. Before his death, Billy the Kid had killed six men – including a country sheriff.

Today, the State Governor of New Mexico is planning a retrial to re-examine the evidence behind Bonney’s conviction.

Episode 3: The Gunfight At The Ok Corral

Episode 3: The Gunfight At The Ok Corral

Episode 3 of The Wild West takes a look at, perhaps, the most famous sheriff of them all: Wyatt Earp.

He became the embodiment of the righteous lawman across the Wild West in later periods of time, yet at the actual time he wasn’t seen as a hero. He was charged with murder and put on trial for his life.

So, was Wyatt Earp truly guilty of murdering innocent men?

The Wild West
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  • Release date2006
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  • Director(s)David Stewart, Tim Robinson
  • Production companyBBC