Rick Steves’ Cruising the Mediterranean

Cruise the Mediterranean with Rick Steves.

Boarding a cruise ship with Rick, we’ll travel from Barcelona to Athens, with stops in Nice, La Spezia, Civita-vecchia, Naples, Malta, Athens and Santorini.

Our goal is to explore the ins and outs and pros and cons of cruising.

We’ll learn how to make the most of the cruise experience, from enjoying time on the ship to exercising independence on shore – savoring iconic sights and romantic island getaways.

The documentary features many intricate details of how travel aboard a cruise ship is conducted, and how sightseeing in famous cities becomes a daily layering to an already relaxed vacation.

Although Rick supplies many of the good sides to cruise ship travelling, he also talks about the less appealing downsides.

He argues how it could insulate you from the real Europe, seeing only a couple of hours of each famous city.

Furthermore, each city you visit is seen with thousands of other tourists from the same cruise ship liner. This creates a certain congested feeling and wasted time standing around.

Small ports can be too become too crowded, lacking the appeal of an easy going atmosphere.

To Rick Steves however, that’s just cruise ship travel. An otherwise fantastic medium to travel – something everyone should try at least once in their lifetime.

Rick Steves’ Cruising the Mediterranean
  • Info
  • Release date2019
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Osca Humphreys
  • Production companyBack Door Productions