The Alps: Climb of Your Life

Climb the North Face of the Eiger mountain in the Alps with John Harlin III.

Situated in Switzerland, the Eiger mountain is known for its dazzling beauty and having one of Europe’s most difficult climbing routes.

In 1966, John’s father died while attempting to climb the Eiger. Now, over forty years later, John sets out to try where his father failed: to conquer the Eiger.

Filmed as an IMAX movie, the documentary seeks to document this arduous trek.

Being an expert mountaineer and the editor of the American Alpine Journal, John takes every precaution on his climb.

Although accompanied by stunning film footage, for John the climb is all about his fathers death.

With this in mind, the documentary does tilt towards the personal relations John Harlin has towards his fathers death over the actual technicalities of climbing the Eiger mountain.

The Alps: Climb of Your Life
  • Info
  • Release date2007
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Stephen Judson
  • Production companyMacGillivray Freeman Films