American Nomads

Presenter Richard Grant takes to the road in American Nomads, a life full of of constant journey – a wandering life of adventure from one place to the other.

Richard’s travels takes him on a 6,000 mile journey through American Southwest – through its deserts, forests, mountain ranges and wide-stretched open plains.

Here he pairs up with other nomads, both in groups or lone wanderers, to understand the American nomadic lifestyle.

This is a place to juggle freedom and wild open spaces, where nomads live to pursue their version of the American dream – a world sculptured by freedom from an otherwise buzzling, insomniac, society.

The nomadic life exists alongside, but separate from, conventional society and in this documentary we’ll meet a few of these nomads: Characters include rodeo cowboys, a traveling preacher, punk kids riding freight trains, a Wall Street drop-out, a wild man of the mountain backcountry and retirees in motorhomes.

American Nomads
  • Info
  • Release date2011
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Gerry Troyna