Love Me

For some American men love and relationships are elusive matters, and for others; “love” is easier to find in another country.

Love Me joins a group of American men as they travel to Ukraine in hopes of finding a partner.

Opening up the modern version of a “mail-order bride” industry, we’ll get up and close with the international romance business. It is a fast moving trade only getting more normalized and frequent by the ease of the internet.

But is there love to be found in this commercial activity or is it really all just a scam?

Studying the phenomenon, we’ll witness how young, beautiful, women are ready to travel to America with a guy they hardly know.

We’ll also get to see how impactful it is to the Western men, finding multitudes of women open to relationships and love. It is an amount of attention from the other gender they’ve rarely received in their home country.

With desperate men who barely know how to court a woman and women looking for a new life unburdened of financial issues, is love the real motives to this trip? Or can love really blossom in the strangest of places?

Love Me
  • Info
  • Release date2014
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Jonathon Narducci
  • Production companySideways Film