The College of Wizardry

In an old castle in Poland, live action roleplayers have gathered to live the life of Harry Potter characters. This is the College of Wizardry, where people from around the world gather to learn the arts of magic as wizards and sorcerors.

Created by Danish Rollespilsfabrikken and Polish Liveform, this documentary catches a glimpse into the LARP world where make-believe comes true.

For four days, those who join the College of Wizardry play a character in the Harry Potter universe. Here, they’ll eat, sleep, drink and throw fireballs as they immerse themselves fully into their live action roleplay.

As we enter the College, the junior wizards are offered a wide array of choices. Classes such as Conflux Studies, Invocation, Alchemy and Mind Magic are all open to be studied and roleplayed.

Started as an international volunteer-created LARP, the College of Wizardry has caught on and become a yearly event for anyone to join.

The College of Wizardry
  • Info
  • Release date2014
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Alex Taylor
  • Production companyCosmic Joke