Slumfood Millionaire

Step inside the world of slum streetfood.

Throughout Slumfood Millionaire we’ll take a look at the chefs and business owners, who stay afloat in an otherwise poverty driven areas, by cooking the best food the areas have to offer.

Visiting places like the Philippines, Cambodia, India and others, each slumfood has its own unique cultural heritage to it. A gift which has worked wonders who those who create the food and those who eat it.

Episode 1: Philippines – Manila

Episode 1: Philippines - Manila

Starting in Tondo is Manila’s biggest slum we’ll meet the food vendors like Loida and Rado who’ve come up with clever ways to make food that even the underprivileged can afford.

In a place where some of the residents survive on just US$400 a year, these innovative cooks create crunchy and spicy chicken from leftovers, flavourful soup using unwanted pig intestines and affordable fried pork belly treats.

Episode 2: Thailand – Bangkok

Episode 2: Thailand - Bangkok

Klong Toey is Bangkok’s most notorious slum, known for its high crime and drug abuse. But its residents reveal a different side of the slum – a place full of mouthwatering food on a budget.

The street food vendors showcase their delicacies, from tangy raw ‘dancing’ shrimp, perfectly-grilled kidney and juicy pork, to spicy and bitter meat salad.

Episode 3: Cambodia – Phnom Penh

EEpisode 3: Cambodia - Phnom Penh

Borei Keila is Phnom Penh’s infamous neighbourhood but residents and food sellers Thavy and Pen Rim cannot imagine living and working anywhere else.

The popular dishes at their humble food stalls use wartime ingredients to create economical food. Perfectly-grilled spicy frogs, stuffed frogs with pork, and fermented fish dishes have become beloved dishes of Borei Keila, a haven for the poor.

Episode 4: Philippines – Kampung Kesuapan, Kota Kinabalu

Episode 4: Philippines - Kampung Kesuapan, Kota Kinabalu

The residents of Kampung Kesuapan on Gaya Island come from generations of sea gypsies from Southern Philippines, known as the Bajau.

Home cooks Zaiton and Jalinah show us their traditional cuisine – creamy pufferfish stew, umami sea urchin rice and tender tapioca cakes.

These are the bastions of proud migrant cuisine going strong in a water village that is shunned by the Kota Kinabalu mainland.

Episode 5: India – Dharavi, Mumbai

Episode 5: India - Dharavi, Mumbai

Dharavi – the heart of Mumbai – is one of the world’s largest and busiest slums, and its street food runs through its veins.

Our vendors show us how to cut it in this competitive slum and make a living from its thriving inner-slum economy. Malai, an idliwalla from Tamil Nadu shares his secrets for perfect fluffy steamed rice cakes called idlis, crunchy lentil fritters called vada, all served with his trademark tomato chutney.

Episode 6: Indonesia – Kamal Muara, Jakarta

Episode 6: Indonesia - Kamal Muara, Jakarta

Migrants from Indonesia’s Bugis tribes have settled down in Kamal Muara, a fishing village in North Jakarta, for generations.

They may not have set foot in their ancestral lands, but they retain their culinary traditions, continuing to cook dishes unknown to many.

Fisherman’s wife Yustini uses unsold fish from her husband’s daily haul to make a unique Indonesian ceviche called Lawa, which is ‘cooked’ with vinegar and combined with smoked coconut and raw crunchy mango.

She makes Kapurung, by manipulating sago starch using hot and cold water to make a sago ‘glue’, forming it into chewy balls with chopsticks, and serving it in a savoury fish broth. Javanese-born Rosmawati brings a taste of her hometown to the Bugis village with her rendition of a cheap and deadly spicy dish using chicken feet offcuts that are stewed until they literally fall off the bone.

Slumfood Millionaire
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  • Release date2020
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Ericson Gangoso
  • Production companySorahouse