Love & Sex in Japan

In today’s Japan, statistics show a quarter of all Japanese aged 30 to 40 are virgins. They conceive less children than ever before and overall, more people live alone or with their parents.

What’s the cause of this? Why are the relationships between men and women becoming less and less? And why, paradoxically, is Japan also one of the largest producers of porn movies in the world.

With many younger men seemingly prefer manga heroines to women their age, the seperation from real relationships to virtual ones is on the rise.

As Japanese men and women slowly lose the skill of connecting, courses are flourishing teaching the art of seduction.

To figure out why, we’ll join a French documentary crew as they experience the Love and Sex in Japan.

Love & Sex in Japan
  • Info
  • Release date2016
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Antoine Lassaigne
  • Production companyLigne de Front