Furries: An Inside Look

Furries: An Inside Look is an indie documentary film which explores the hobby and lifestyle of being a furry.

Gathering information and interviewing those who chose to become a furry, at a furry convention called Midwest Furfest, the documentary seeks to portray what furry fandom is to those who practice it themselves.

Apart from dressing in animal costumes, the furry community tends to harbour a rich and vibrant number of artists.

Each of these artists contribute to the furry culture, creating vast collections of anthropomorphic animals to be shared and enjoyed by the furry fandom.

What the furries is most known for outside their inner circle, however, are their fur suits. Created as a means to personify and embody their chosen animal, the furries who wear fur suits have fully embraced the fandom.

But what else is there to the furry fandom? By interviewing random and more well known furries, Furries: An Inside Look gains the rare chance to explore a fandom from the inside.

It is a community where social interaction, positive vibes and a sense of common understanding becomes infused as a bond through the love they share for the furry lifestyle.

Furries: An Inside Look
  • Info
  • Release date2010
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Curt Pehrson