Borneo Death Blow

Documentary filmmaker Raphael Treza travels to Borneo where he joins a tribe of blowpipe hunters called the Penan.

Like other documentaries Raphael Treza has produced (Hallucinogen Honey Hunters, Copra Gypsies etc.), Borneo Death Blow digs into the culture of a less known tribe.

Throughout we’ll experience the life and culture of the Penan, how the ever encroaching palm tree industry destroys the rainforest environment and how the indigenous tripe of Borneo survive in the wilderness.

To understand the culture and survival tactics of the Penan, Raphael lives with the tribe for an extended period of time.

Here they show him the skills and knowledge to thrive in one of Earths oldest rainforests.

Noted for their practice of ‘molong’ (never taking more than necessary), the Penan opens up a world to Raphael rarely seen before.

Borneo Death Blow
  • Info
  • Release date2018
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Raphael Treza