Jana Bokova’s Havana

Jana Bokova’s Havana follows the citizens of Havana in an unfiltered view about their lives, their poverty-struck city and the political dictatorship Fidel Castro has chained Cuba to.

Through a candid portrayal of the true Havana realities, director Jana Bokova manages to open up the dilapidated ruined beauty of the city in the late 1980s while honouring those that live there through their stories.

With a culture mixed between the African and Old Spain atmosphere, the city has melted into a extraordinarily interesting clash of colours, music and expression.

Yet, those stepping forward to tell the truths of living in Havana do so despite their anxieties and fears of talking to a foreign film crew.

In 1990, Havana shows the scars of the last 30 years of political turmoil created by the dictator Fidel Castro – speaking out against his regime would sometimes be enough to find yourself dangling at the end of a rope.

Despite this, the filmcrew manages to go beneath the skin of this legendary city, particularly through its rich music which enables the people to express their true attitudes and feelings.

Jana Bokova’s Havana
  • Info
  • Release date1990
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Jana Bokova
  • Part of the seriesArena
  • Production companyBBC