A Lighthouse Keeper’s Story

A Lighthouse Keeper’s Story follows the life of lighthouse keeper Peter hall as he works at the Hanois Lighthouse.

The Hanois Lighthouse is situated just off the coast of Guernsey island near northern France and has a rich history.

Rough and stormy seas saw multitudes of shipwrecks beached on the islands and rocks in the start of the 19th century, effectively starting and finishing the lighthouse in 1862 out of need.

Since then, the Hanois Lighthouse has been kept alive by lighthouse keepers through the centuries like Peter Hall.

Although working at the Hanois Lighthouse between 1974 and 1997, it wasn’t until 1994 Peter filmed his life as a lighthouse keeper. Here he could easily show family, friends and those who were interested a view of his lifestyle.

According to Peter, this style of work entrusted two crews, with a team of three keepers each, to keep the lighthouse functioning for 28 days on board followed by 28 days at home. The lighthouse was manned all day, every day, 365 days a year.

Throughout the documentary, Peter shows us what’s happening inside the lighthouse and the work the keepers upheld.

To get a real sense of what a lighthouse keeper’s work was like, Peter deliberately shot the short film with minimal editing and the natural sounds a lighthouse keeper hears.

Although most lighthouses are automated today (the Hanois Lighthouse became automated in 1996), the last lighthouse keeper job to lose his job was on the 1st Jan, 2019.

Despite this, thousands of applications are sent in every year to become a lighthouse keeper. In Italy alone, they still receive roughly 5,000 applications every year for a position that no longer exists.

A Lighthouse Keeper’s Story
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  • Release date1994
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  • Director(s)Peter hall