The Predator’s Bay

Explore the aquatic natural life in South Africa’s Kosi Bay.

Here, a stunning estuarine system secures the home for multiple marine lives. And where there is plenty of life; there are plenty of predators.

Roaming the bay, where lake waters meets the ocean, are predators in every sizes. Some of these have swum from far upstream in the Zambezi river and others have visited from the dark ocean.

These apex predators are the Zambezi sharks and crocodiles.

The sharks and crocodiles have survived for millions of years and now, tucked inside Kosi Bay, they live side by side.

Get an insight into the life these animals lead when this film The Predator’s Bay shows the full extent of their capabilities. It is a unique look underwater at some of the greatest predators on Earth.

The Predator’s Bay
  • Info
  • Release date2003
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Peter Lemberti
  • Production companyAquavision TV Productions