Gesäuse: The Roaring Mountains

Gesäuse: The Roaring Mountains follows nature filmmaker Michael Schlamberger as he sets out to document the nature and history of the Gesäuse National Park, Europe’s largest canyon.

Nowhere in the Alpine mountains are waterfalls, forests and mountains as precipitous as in the Gesäuse National Park.

“Gesäuse” is a name derived from the rushing noise of the water, the soughing wind that echoes up to the peaks of the north faces of this unique region – home to the myth of the mountain.

When the sun rises and ushers in a magnificent day, the Gesäuse projects a perfect image of a mountain.

However, in bad weather, the Gesäuse’s walls reflect a scary phenomenon as the speed of the inflowing airmass multiplies. Adverse weather conditions can thus convert the Gesäuse into inferno.

Gesäuse: The Roaring Mountains
  • Info
  • Release date2005
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Michael Schlamberger
  • Part of the seriesThe Secrets of Nature