The Emperor’s Secret Garden

The Emperor’s Secret Garden explores the history of a small pristine garden in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

The garden has lain unused and almost untouched for two-hundred years. If history could talk, what would it say about the garden and those who built it?

To answer this, we’ll go back to the time to where the Forbidden City was barred for anyone but the emperor and his entourage. Here, only the most perfect and beautiful could be offered to the Emperor of China, a standard even the modern world would be hard-pressed to equal.

Focused on the craft and works of the illustrative decorations in the Forbidden City, the documentary hopes to showcase the workmanship and art of those who built the Emperor’s Secret Garden.

The Emperor’s Secret Garden
  • Info
  • Release date2010
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Zhou Bing, Mandy Chang
  • Also known as乾隆花园修缮记