Egypt: The End of the Age of Pyramids

The Twilight of Civilizations

4700 years ago the Old Kingdom (or the Age of Pyramids) began. This was Egypt’s golden age at its very height.

At this point of time, Egypt has no real enemies who threaten the Egyptian security, and yet, after five centuries of existence the kingdom is consumed by fire, bloodshed and chaos.

How did one of the most prestigious human civilizations decline and finally collapse?

Part of the series The Twilight of Civilizations, this documentary seeks to investigate these events.

Together with a team of archeologists. we’ll excavate the sites where the ancient Egyptians once thrived.

Some of these archaeological findings are already turning out new discoveries, and even reveal the surprising truth behind the mystery of ancient Egypt’s downfall.

Join in, as we explore the archaeological and scientific findings to discover why the ancient Egyptian civilization collapsed. This is Egypt: The End of the Age of Pyramids.

Egypt: The End of the Age of Pyramids
  • Info
  • Release date2012
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Frédéric Wilner
  • Part of the seriesThe Twilight of Civilizations
  • Production companyIliade Productions