Tasmania: Weird And Wonderful

Tasmania: Weird And Wonderful sets off into the Tasmanian wilderness to explore the very different animal and nature life it inhabits.

Together with presenter and narrator David Attenborough, we’ll encounter strange animals local to Tasmania only.

One of them is the Tasmanian devil, an animal who’s shouts and calls echo throughout the land. Yet, although they sound otherworldly – as the documentary unfolds – we’ll get well acquainted with the species and understand they are very gentle.

In the dry east, rare white wallabies graze on the plains, and jack jumper ants build huge nests – these venomous ants are amongst the most dangerous on earth.

In the west, where it can rain nearly every day of the year, caves light up with the magical spectacle of thousands of glow-worms, and the trees are 100-metre towering monsters.

Rivers are home to the peculiar platypus and world’s largest freshwater invertebrate, the Tasmanian giant lobster.

Miniature penguins come ashore to breed, and as winter approaches, the southern lights dance in the sky.

Tasmania’s isolation and unique climate have created a world that is as weird as it is wonderful.

Tasmania: Weird And Wonderful
  • Info
  • Release date2017
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Matt Hamilton
  • Part of the seriesNatural World
  • Production companyTerra Mater Factual Studios