Film director Brian Springer's SPIN takes us through a surreal exposé of media-constructed reality and reveals how U.S. media personalities' manufacture the news for their viewers.
When billions of dollars are at stake, just how far are corporations willing to go to protect their bottom line? This is a film about a US-owned gold mining corporation in Peru destroying the environment versus the people trying to preserve it.
Sierra Leone was declared Ebola-free two years ago, but survivors are still suffering. After recovery, they are ostracised and rejected by whole communities and even their own families, who fear that they still carry the deadly infection.
Tens of thousands of people live in Zabbaleen, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, they all make a living out of recycling the entire capital city’s refuse. Their whole town is a slum providing the inhabitants with almost everything they need: from kids’ toys to fodder for livestock.
Disappearing World is a series of anthropology inspired documentaries focusing on societies around the world, and more often than not, that of tribal people. Journey into almost forgotten cultures and live their day to day life.