Ebola: Surviving Survival

Stigma and shame in the wake of a disease

In Sierra Leone, communities often reject anyone who had Ebola out of fear that they still carry the deadly infection. The outcasts are evicted from their homes and find it difficult to earn even a meagre living.

Even child survivors face discrimination and prejudice, with many shunned by their own families.

Support programmes rarely reach Ebola survivors, some of whom have filed a lawsuit against the Sierra Leone government for the misuse of aid money.

Billboards on the streets to combat stigma appear largely ineffective as public ignorance continues to prevail.

This documentary visits Sierra Leone, where more than 14,000 people were infected, and nearly 4,000 died from Ebola.

The film talks to ebola survivors, those who fight for acceptance, and hear the voices of those who feel society has forced them into isolation.

Ebola: Surviving Survival
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  • Release date2018
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)ekaterina kozhakina
  • Production companyRT Documentary