Show Me the Mummy: The Face of Takabuti

Take an archaeological journey into the life and reconstruction of an ancient Egyptian called Takabuti, a 2.500 year old mummy.

To understand Takabuti, we’ll investigate the scientific requirements to see what the ancient Egyptian looked like in real life.

To do this, the documentary gathers a team of top scientists and historians to piece together the puzzle that is Takabuti.

From this point on, the film sees the process and depiction of the ancient Egyptian.

Furthermore, by unraveling what we know of Takabuti’s life, a millennia old profile emerges once again.

She was a married woman of higher status – one with importance to the society of its day.

She reached an age between twenty to thirty years and lived in the Egyptian city of Thebes at the end of the Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt.

Takabuti lived in an interesting age of political turmoil, but can we learn more of this ancient Egyptian age through the mummy?

As the team’s forensics examinations unwrap her, we’ll tap into the ancient Egyptian and unveil all her secrets.

Show Me the Mummy: The Face of Takabuti
  • Info
  • Release date2009
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Ian Dougan
  • Production companyBorderline Productions