Greece: Secrets of the Past

Visit ancient Greece as Greece: Secrets of the Past digs into the history and archaeology of the ancient civilization.

Set throughout the Greek Isles, the film depicts both contemporary archeological digs and historical depictions/reenactments.

These reenactments entail such historical events as the Minoan eruption and the original splendor of the Parthenon.

The further illuminate the ancient Greek history, the documentary also delves into Classical Greek advancements such as philosophy, theatre, democracy, and the Olympics.

At the heart of the film’s journey is Dr. Christos Doumas, an impassioned Greek archeologist who, inspired by his love of Greek culture, is working feverishly to piece together the puzzle of ancient Greece and better understand its influence on life today.

Get to know the people of ancient Greece through these happenings as the film shares the secrets of the Greek past.

Greece: Secrets of the Past
  • Info
  • Release date2006
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Greg MacGillivray
  • Production companyMacgillivray Freeman Films