Shipbreakers follows a bustling Indian town where everyone’s livelihood depends on scrapping ships for profit.

Breaking down huge oil tankers and other ships doesn’t come without danger. Working in primitive conditions with no security installations, this ship-breaking site sees countless of deaths each year.

But with less opportunity for jobs elsewhere, even migrating workers from other Indian states come here to work.

Their daily wage fluctuates around 3 US dollars a day, an amount barely sustaining a living. Yet, with the dangers of having no income at all the workers toil on with the backbreaking work of disassembling the ships.

They carve through every part of the ship and cut it into smaller pieces. These pieces of metals are then smelted and then sold for profit.

In this cycle of profit, the money then supports the workers, those in charge, and the equipment needed to salvage more metals from more ships.

  • Info
  • Release date2004
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Derek Rogers
  • Production companyNFB