Follow the journey of naturalist Bill Mason as he sails through the Ontario wilderness.

Beginning on Lake Superior on his canoe, Bill travels along the twisting and sometimes tortuous long river waters towards the source of the river.

Along the way Mason captures the nature and the ever-flowing rivers around him while musing about his love for nature and the total freedom in his canoe.

Being a religious man, Mason also uses the film as a commentary on his personal link between God, nature and his own art. As he puts it, nature is a vast array of stunning canvases God laid bare for him to paint.

With a musical score by Bruce Cockburn and beautiful natural footage, the film takes on a slow pace meant to indulge the viewer and show the details of living a naturalist life.

  • Info
  • Release date1984
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Bill Mason
  • Production companyNational Film Board of Canada