From Iron Ore to Iron Hoe

Smelting iron in Africa

From Iron Ore to Iron Hoe details the story of an entire village’s undertaking to smelt iron into an iron hoe tool.

Journey to the poverty stricken village of Dablo in West Africa’s Burkina Faso. Here we’ll see the full extent of how an entire community burned and collected charcoal, dug ore and created flux, built a kiln to smelt iron and forged that iron – all in effort to create a single iron hoe tool.

The video presents traditional African iron-smelting and forging in the field. It unites rituals and technical aspects from creating an iron tool from the bottom up.

Furthermore, by witnessing how the iron tool is made from the ground up, historical anthropologists get to see how age old iron tools were made by these same principles.

From Iron Ore to Iron Hoe
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  • Release date2005
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Christopher D Roy