Quest For The Lost City

Quest For The Lost City follows a group of scientists and archaeologists as they search for a mysterious place known as Site Q (La Corona), an ancient Mayan city in the Guatemalan jungles.

A set of inscribed panels carved by the ancient Maya people of Central America inspired Dr Neil Brodie of Cambridge University, an expert on the looting of archaeological treasures, and Mayanist Simone Clifford-Jaegar, to mount an expedition to the jungles of Guatemala.

Their mission – to find the lost city from which the stone panels came.

Archaeologists have been searching for the mysterious place known as Site Q since the 1960s without success.

Travels with Quest For The Lost City as we journey down the Usumacinta River, a site well-travelled by experts; and then deep into the jungle where the explorers find a recently discovered ‘lost city’.

Here, the mystery of Site Q takes a surprising and revelatory new turn thanks to a sporting hero named ‘Red Turkey’, a map showing two stones in the jungle clearing, and a Museum Director in Maine.

Quest For The Lost City
  • Info
  • Release date2000
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Duncan Bulling, Henry Fraser