Navy SEALs: BUDS Class 234

Follow the 83 candidates of class 234 as they set out on the gruelling tasks and training to become US Navy SEALs.

Witness just what it takes to be a part of an elite military unit and how their physical and mental capabilities are stretched to their breaking point and beyond.

These 83 candidates seek to take on the most difficult training programmes in the US Military, the BUD/S – Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL.

Not all of them will make it, but those that do become part of some of the toughest and fiercest military personal the US has to offer.

There is only one rule to remember; It pays to be a winner.

Navy Seal BUD/S Program

The full BUD/S training is 24 weeks of intense and mentally exhausting designed tests. Throughout 6 episodes, these are the courses class 234 will go through.

Intro: Indoctrination (3 weeks)

The first 3 weeks are the Indoctrination (INDOC) course which introduces candidates to Coronado, the Naval Special Warfare Center and the BUD/S lifestyle.

During INDOC, Navy SEAL instructors introduce candidates to BUD/S physical training, the obstacle course and other unique training aspects. This part of training is designed to prepare candidates for day one of the first phase.

Phase 1: Physical Conditioning (7 weeks)

The following 7 weeks starts with physical conditioning. The physical conditioning includes water competency, teamwork and mental tenacity.

Furthermore, by using training exercises as running, swimming and calisthenics, the 7 week program grows harder and harder as the weeks progress.

Phase 2: Combat Diving (7 weeks)

The diving phase of BUD/S trains, develops and qualifies SEAL candidates as competent basic combat swimmers. During this period, physical training continues and becomes even more intensive.

This second phase concentrates on dive physics, underwater skills and combat SCUBA. Candidates will learn two types of SCUBA: open circuit (compressed air) and closed circuit.

Phase 3: Land Warfare (7 weeks)

The land warfare phase teaches the class basic weapons, demolitions, land navigation, patrolling, rappelling, marksmanship, infantry tactics, and small-unit tactics.

During third phase, the class is taught to gather and process information that will complete the overall mission.

There is more classroom work that teaches map, compass, land navigation and basic weapon skill sets. These skill sets allow the class to transition from having novice skills to becoming more comfortable out in the field.

Most of this training is new to the class, and the learning pace becomes faster and faster.

Navy SEALs: BUDS Class 234
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  • Release date2000
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  • Director(s)Gordon Forbes
  • Production companyDiscovery Channel