Hardcore History 58 – Kings of Kings III

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History episode 58

Dan Carlin revisits the Kings of Kings mini series! This final part is jam-packed with historical wars and historical figures; Xerxes, the Spartans, the Immortals, Alexander the Great, scythed chariots and several of the greatest battles in history makes it way into Kings of Kings III – episode 58 of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.

Episode 58 takes a good look at the Plataea, a great field battle of the Greek and Persian Wars. Probably the largest army ever assembled in Greek history (modern estimation apx. 50,000-80,000 men) faced the largest army that European Greeks had ever encountered.

Persian and Greek forces faced each other for days skirmishing and, sources say, waiting for the religious sacrifices to turn positive. The Greeks kept to the broken high ground that offered good protection from the Persian cavalry, while the main Persian force stayed on the other side of the river Asopus near their camp. The Allied Greek forces eventually advanced down from the high ground towards the Persians, but later decided to withdraw rearward to a more defensible position. When the Persians discovered the Greeks were retiring, they attacked the retreating Hoplite forces.

The best of the Persian troops engaged the Spartans (and Tegeans) while the Greeks who were allied to the Persians (the Thebans especially) engaged the Athenian forces. The allied Greeks were victorious in both cases, pursuing the fleeing Persians back to their camp and storming its walls.

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Hardcore History 58 – Kings of Kings III