Journey to the Pale Red Dot

Take a unique journey through our cosmos to our closest neighbouring star, Proxima Centauri. Here, scientists have discovered an Earth-sized planet orbiting the pale red star.

In an effort to explore the planet, Journey to the Pale Red Dot takes it upon itself to document what we know about the planet and theorizes on its atmospheric components. Will it be stable for life? Have extraterrestrial life already evolved on the planet? And how do we actually get there?

The importance of cosmic exploration is paramount to both understanding our universe and ongoing astrobiological studies. Prominent figures like Stephen Hawking called for missions to search the stars for answers. Although these missions are close to impossible right now due to the lacking space technology, NASA and other companies are researching interstellar space flight.

In the meantime, journey with the documentary crew as they set the cosmic solar sails to the pale red star of Proxima Centauri.

Journey to the Pale Red Dot
  • Info
  • Release date2020
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Thomas Lucas
  • Part of the seriesSpaceRip
  • Production companyThomas Lucas Productions