Spacerip: When Will Time End?

For as long as humanity has looked to the skies for an answer to how it all started, most have also wondered how all of it is going to end.

To answer how and when time will end, modern day astrophysicists share their hypotheses.

It’s a common conception that time ends when the last light and matter disintergrates from this universe, but is that really the case?

What of the black holes and the black dwarfs lingering in our cosmos once all light has dissapeared?

The immensive cosmological timescale to achieve a universal burnout is something we’ll never see, so how can we be fairly sure these scientific estimates are correct?

From neat, orderly starting points, the elements, living things, the earth, the sun, the galaxy. are all headed eventually to states of high entropy or disorder.

Nature fights this inevitable disintegration by constantly reassembling matter and energy into lower states of entropy in cycles of death and rebirth.

Will entropy someday win the battle and put the breaks on time’s arrow? Or will time, stubbornly, keep moving forward – even after the last black holes have vanished?

We are observers, and pawns, in this cosmic conflict. We seek mastery of time’s workings, even as the clock ticks down to our own certain end.

Our windows into the nature of time are the mechanisms we use to chart and measure a changing universe, from the mechanical clocks of old, to the decay of radioactive elements, or telescopes that measure the speed of distant objects.

How will time end? Will it end at all? These are open questions with an open answers. With scientific observation and experiments, however, we might have a close answer.

Spacerip: When Will Time End?
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