Wonders of the Universe

Explore the wonders of the universe with professor of particle physics Brian Cox. In this episode we’ll focus on the force that sculptures the entire universe – gravity.

It is a force which surrounds us at all times and a constant that seems so familiar – but what is it really? Gravity is one of the strangest and most surprising forces in the universe, an almost unknown which can shape whatever it comes in contact with.

To understand gravity, Brain takes a trip through the universe and on earth as he unravels the mysterious force. To start with, he tests how zero gravity can affect us. From here on, Brian joins the rolling snowball down the hill to gradually step where larger and larger pockets of gravity resides.

As a conclusion, he shows how much gravity has of an effect on the world around us and the universe itself. In fact, by showcasing some of the biggest gravity wells in the universe – Brian is able to show how gravity is the greatest orchestrator of the cosmos.

Wonders of the Universe
  • Info
  • Release date2011
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Chris Holt
  • Production companyBBC